About Ba Yin

We’re Ba Yin, and we believe noodles should be something to shout about.
Instant noodles: Quick, tasty and… healthy too?
At Ba Yin, we wanted to create noodles that were not only convenient but truly delicious and packed with natural nutrition too. Our unique air-frying method produces a wide range of noodles with an authentic taste and unique mouthfeel that makes them taste freshly cooked while preserving all the natural nutrition that can be lost in traditional fat-frying processes. Even better, this special air-frying technique means our noodles have an incredible zero-percent fat!
All Ba Yin noodles are easy to make, totally delicious, and perfect for anything from all-night gaming sessions to satisfying meals. Just a splash of boiling water can release an incredible range of aromas and flavors, giving you a nourishing, customizable, and tasty meal that’s ready in just a few minutes.
We’ve worked tirelessly to capture the delicious spices, aromas, and umami notes of South-East Asian cuisine, so our customers can experience authentic noodles wherever they are. Millions of people trust us to deliver delicious flavor every time. It’s our care, attention, and commitment to quality that make Ba Yin truly fit for a king.
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