Who we are

          Our name is Ba Yin, which means Monarch in the Myanmar language. True to our name, we are committed to bringing a dish to the consumer that is truly extraordinary. We want to ensure that our product appeals to the senses of sight, smell and taste like no other in the market. In short, we aim to provide our consumers with a meal Fit for a King!

          As we originate from Myanmar, we have worked tirelessly to capture the delicious spices, aromas, and complex flavours of South-East Asian cuisine, so our consumers can experience authentic noodles from the comfort of their homes.

          Even better, all our instant noodles have one thing in common. Our BaYin instant noodles use air-drying techniques so that the noodles do not need to be fried. This reduces the fat content and gives a much more natural texture and flavour to the noodles. The end result is an instant noodle dish that is quick and easy to prepare, healthier with lower fat and cholesterol and so natural tasting that you would think it was made fresh in a restaurant.

What makes bayin DifferenT

Instant noodles that are designed to taste freshly made – just as you’d expect from a restaurant or authentic home cooking.
Made without oil-frying using a unique air-drying method that keeps fat and cholesterol low for health-conscious consumers
Passionate attention to flavour and texture to create a real restaurant-like experience
A wide range of delicious flavours to appeal to all tastebuds
A “Quality First and Quantity Second” philosophy for a consistently world-class product with amazing flavour