Tom Yum Creamy Shrimp Flavoured

There’s nothing like the aroma of Tom Yum to get mouths watering.Taking inspiration from one of Southeast Asia’s most beloved dishes, we’ve captured the spicy and delicious essence of this classic meal in a simple and convenient form without sacrificing any of the flavours. It’s rich, and it’s creamy. Try a pack, and you won’t… Continue reading Tom Yum Creamy Shrimp Flavoured

Duck Flavoured

This is as close to Myanmar traditional cuisine as it gets and it is a traditional favourite for all types palates. The aroma of a perfectly steamed duck breast is infused with the subtle tastes of garlic and topped off with notes of green onion to give a dish that nourishes the body as well… Continue reading Duck Flavoured

Minced Pork Flavoured

Looking for something with a kick? If so, look no further than our Minced Pork noodles. The aroma of wok-fried minced pork is combined with a tantalizing sauce made from natural herbs and spices. The result is a dish that is savoury, spicy, and impossibly tasty. Warning: you won’t stop with one bowl … guaranteed!

Seafood Flavoured

If you’re a seafood lover with a passion for noodles, it’s your lucky day. The flavours of the sea are mixed in a rich dark sauce that will satisfy the most discerning connoisseur of Asian cuisine. Give it a try; you’ll swear it’s made by a chef.